From Dream to Reality

Dreams are not only for the young. Making your dreams a reality can happen at any age, but you have to do the work. It will be hard and you may get discouraged at times, but you have to start and then you have to keep going. It is a long-term commitment. You will hear people say that they are an "aspiring this or that." I believe that describing yourself by using the word "aspiring" can sometimes lead to doubting your dream before you even get started. Take "aspiring" out of your vocabulary and be who you believe that you are. What rolls off of your tongue can sometimes make you feel that you are not worthy of your dreams. You are what you say you are. If you are an artist, create art. If yo

Read to Write!

Can you believe that in about two weeks or less, the kids will be back in school? Where did the summer go? I hope that you are still enjoying the warm weather and hanging out with family and friends. There's still plenty of time to do some exciting things, and that includes reading a book. As a child, I remember that reading great fiction like Alice in Wonderland or The Little Prince was a great way to let my imagination run wild. It was also a really good way to keep my reading skills sharp. I know that kids today are so into their smart phones and video games, but nothing beats reading a great story, especially for aspiring writers. I still love to read and in order to be a good writer, yo

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