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Grandpa Had a Grandpa Too

Grandpa Had a Grandpa Too written by Kimberly Barrett Luttery and illustrated by Nicole Collie Jamison is a book aimed at helping children understand that their grandparents were once young and had grandparents of their own. The story’s inspiration comes from memories of the loving relationship between the author and her grandfathers.

The book’s character, Jeremy loves playing with his grandpa but has a hard time imagining that Grandpa was ever a child. Grandpa shares with Jeremy all the fun times he had with his own grandfather, whom he affectionately called Paw Paw, when he was young . . . bicycle riding, sharing scary stories, playing at the park, eating ice cream together, and more. This story affirms that the simplest times we share with
our little ones can create the most beloved and cherished memories.


This colorful picture book appeals to children ages 3 - 8 years old, but older children and adults will love it as well. The simplicity of the language is perfect for reading aloud at bedtime or an anytime story.

 - Kimberly Barrett Luttery

Grandpa Had a Grandpa Too
Grandma Had a Grandma Too,

Book Excerpt...

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Good morning to you Grandpa
I am glad to be here with you
We’re going to have an awesome time
Like you and your Paw Paw used to?
But you’re too old to have a grandpa
Wouldn’t he be one hundred fifty-two?

Grandpa doubled over in laughter and said
Jeremy, I was once young like you
When I was a little boy
I had a grandpa too
“Paw Paw” was my best friend
And he loved me as I love you

Grandma Had a Grandma Too,
Grandpa Had a Grandpa Too
Grandma Had a Grandma Too,

Kimberly Barrett Luttery

Our Message...

Kimberly says

“I wrote Grandpa Had a Grandpa Too as a follow-up to the book Grandma Had a Grandma Too. This book focuses on the relationship between a grandfather and his grandson because it is so important for
boys, and girls, to read stories about loving and positive relationships with the male figures in their lives. Both of my grandfathers were especially important to me growing up, and I have wonderful memories
of the times that we spent together. I learned valuable life lessons from them that I still carry with me today, and many of the moments depicted in this book come directly from my childhood. It is my hope that all children who Read Grandpa Had a Grandpa Too are encouraged to value the bonds they share
with the men in their lives.”

Nicole says,

“What is special about this book is that my husband and I recently welcomed our second grandson, Cy'Ron into the world. While he was just born in 2021, I know that my husband is looking forward to creating with him many of the moments and experiences seen in the book. Creating special memories are incredibly priceless, and as has grandmother, I cannot wait to create my own.”

Grandma Had a Grandma Too,

Nicole Collie Jamison


Grandpa had a grandpa too

"In Grandpa had a Grandpa Too, the words and illustrations by Kimberly and Nicole vividly depict the
importance of generational bonding, and how simple moments make the best and lasting memories.
This story is a must read for every little boy, and one that all children should have on their bookshelves."

— Marcus Dewan Williams
Owner, Nubian Bookstore