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Grandpa Had a Grandpa Too

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Why Buy a BIPOC Book?

     It is important for Black children to see positive images of themselves reflected in the world. I recognize that a wonderful place to start is with children’s books, so it is my mission to help fill that void.

     Shop here for colorful and engaging picture books for young readers that feature BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) children as the main characters. Our stories promote the importance of family/generational bonds and how it is necessary to begin building great self-esteem from an early age.

     Also check out our BIPOC coloring books and Fairy Blessed© holiday greeting cards that are available below.

Autographed Books

For autographed books, please indicate who the book should be made out to in the comment section of your order. Thank you for your support.


Why Fairies

I have always loved the image of angels, and to me, fairies are a youthful extension of them. Fairy Blessed Greeting Cards were created to share lighthearted messages that express the sentiments that the giver wants to share with the recipient.

Kimberly Lutterly cards
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