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Grandma Had a Grandma Too


Grandma Had a Grandma Too

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Grandma Had a Grandma Too written by Kimberly Barrett Luttery and illustrated by Nicole Collie is a children’s picture book aimed at helping young readers understand that their grandparents were once children and had grandparents of their own. The story’s inspiration comes from memories of the loving relationship between the author and her grandmother. The main character Nia loves playing with her grandmother Nana but has a tough time imagining that Nana was ever a child. Grandma Had a Grandma Too takes the reader on a journey back in time with a young Nana and her own grandmother…fishing at the creek, chasing fireflies at dusk, eating blackberries from the backyard, and more. This story affirms the importance of generational relationships and that the simplest times we share with a child can create the most beloved and cherished family memories.

There are also bonus features in the book: A Family Tree for children to complete their own family’s history, and Fun Facts about Grandma, where they can write down their grandma’s favorite things.

Grandma Had a Grandma Too is a colorful children’s picture book that appeals to early readers ages 3 - 8 years old, but older children and adults will love it as well. The simplicity of the language is perfect for reading aloud as a bedtime story or anytime story. Grandma Had a Grandma Too tells a universal story and is a great family book for African American girls, African American boys, and children of all races.

Grandma Had a Grandma Too
Grandma Had a Grandma Too,
Grandma Had a Grandma Too
Grandma Had a Grandma Too,

Book Excerpt...

One day I asked my grandma
Exactly how old are you?
I really want to know Nana
Are you ninety or ninety-two?

Grandma laughed out loud, then smiled
Oh Nia, I wasn’t born this way
I was once a little child
Back then I had no gray

I also had a grandma
When I was young like you
Yes, Grandma had a grandma
And she loved me as I love you

Books Excerpt
Grandma Had a Grandma Too

Our Message...

Kimberly says

“I am passionate about Grandma Had a Grandma Too because it is inspired by the real life relationship between my mother and niece. They share such a fun and loving friendship and I wanted to capture it in words. What started out as a personal poem soon grew into the vision for this story--a beautifully illustrated picture book.”

Grandma Had a Grandma Too, Kimberly Luttery
Nicole Collie-Jamison - Self Portrait

Kimberly Lutterly

Nicole says

“What I sincerely love about this book is that it means as much to the parent reading the story as it does to the child being read to. I have fond memories of my own relationship with my grandmother and am able to share some of those memories with my son. It is very touching.”

Nicole Collie

Grandma Had a Grandma Too,
Grandma Had a Grandma Too,
Our Message




Adorably illustrated, with lovely care put towards the setting details. It can be quite a revelation to children that their parents and grandparents had or have parents or grandparents of their own, and author has taken this moment of realization and unspooled an engaging exploration from it.

Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.


Dialogue shines in the bright tone, the age-appropriate wording and expressions of the child, as well as the sweet details provided by Grandma. Each of her recounted memories is rich with sensory details.

Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.


The purity and simplicity of this book’s concept, and the visual and narrative journey through the grandmother’s memories, all structured in a brief and nicely-moving storyline, make this a relationship-builder and sweet moment of connection. Very well done.

Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

Grandma had a grandma too

"The words and illustrations are so charming. Your child will want to read it over and over again."

— Andrea Parks

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