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Grandma Had a Grandma Too, Kimberly Luttery

Kimberly Barrett Luttery’s love for fiction began at a very young age as she avidly read books and wrote her own short stories and poetry. After receiving a B.A. degree in Mass Communications from Illinois State University, she spent much of her career working with non-profit organizations that focus on family and children. But she’s always been passionate about creative writing.

Kimberly founded Azure Dusk Publishing, LLC because she wanted to share inspiring stories with children that have a positive impact on how they perceive themselves and interact with others.


I wrote my debut book Grandma Had a Grandma Too because I believe that the story would appeal to people who had similar childhood experiences. I was inspired by the loving relationship between my mom and niece. It was a joy to watch their interaction, and a lot of the story depicts the fun times that they shared. There are also moments in the book that come directly from my childhood and the times I spent with my grandmother. Children only know us as adults and they have a hard time imaging that we were once young like them, so I wanted to show that connection. What’s also important to me is that I create stories that depict African-American children. Representation is very important and I want them to see themselves in the stories that I create.

I’m excited about the release of my next book I Am Wonderfully Made because it focuses on love, self-esteem and acceptance, qualities that provide a great foundation for children as they grow up to become happy thriving adults.

In the near future, Luttery plans to expand Azure Dusk Publishing, LLC by offering publishing and marketing assistance to other authors, so that they can bring their own stories to life.

Nicole Collie artist, illustrator, graphic artist

Nicole Collie Jamison’s love affair with art began at an early age with paintings of landscapes and flowers, and later, human beings. Acrylics is her favorite medium, and she

constantly experiments with new ways to put color on canvas. Much of her art is inspired by her desire for people to love themselves. For Nicole, color is a language and as an artist, she is the interpreter.


Nicole received a degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has shown her work for the last 12 years at galleries in her native Bahamas, as well as Atlanta,

Los Angeles, Memphis, and more. Nicole says, Visit to see more of her work.

Nicole Collie

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