• Kimberly Barrett Luttery

Read to Write!

Can you believe that in about two weeks or less, the kids will be back in school? Where did the summer go? I hope that you are still enjoying the warm weather and hanging out with family and friends. There's still plenty of time to do some exciting things, and that includes reading a book. As a child, I remember that reading great fiction like Alice in Wonderland or The Little Prince was a great way to let my imagination run wild. It was also a really good way to keep my reading skills sharp. I know that kids today are so into their smart phones and video games, but nothing beats reading a great story, especially for aspiring writers. I still love to read and in order to be a good writer, you must read. Even if one does not have aspirations to be the next Maya Angelou or Stephen King, there's nothing better than reading a good book.

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