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From Dream to Reality

Dreams are not only for the young. Making your dreams a reality can happen at any age, but you have to do the work. It will be hard and you may get discouraged at times, but you have to start and then you have to keep going. It is a long-term commitment.

You will hear people say that they are an "aspiring this or that." I believe that describing yourself by using the word "aspiring" can sometimes lead to doubting your dream before you even get started. Take "aspiring" out of your vocabulary and be who you believe that you are. What rolls off of your tongue can sometimes make you feel that you are not worthy of your dreams. You are what you say you are. If you are an artist, create art. If you are a singer, sing. If you are a speaker, speak. If you are a writer, write and write often.

You are capable of doing anything that you think you can do. Listen to your own voice and silence the naysayers. We all have gifts to share and the world needs yours.

"Your dream exists because you have what it takes to make it happen." -Marie Forleo

You CAN and you WILL make it happen. Until next time...

Love, love, love,


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